Oh, Hi There!

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to make movies – to give credence to the many stories that went hidden and secret in the world around me. This fascination with capturing the world as I saw it grew into a deep desire to explore the primal facets of humanity – and horror has provided me with a genre for such stories.

While dread and gore might often be inherent in the narratives that so beguile me, I strive to push genre boundaries. My movies are injected with themes from fantasy, science fiction, and the magical realism common to my Latin heritage. I want to tell stories that not only look at the treachery of our souls, but at the darkness of our future.

My dedication to creating thoughtful, different pieces has paid dividends. My work has been called "quirky, intelligent & intriguing," and it's been said that I "gracefully employ themes of female sexuality... in a genre that has largely been dominated by...heteronormativity." All of which is, well, really quite flattering.

The oh-so-kind praise for my work has gone beyond the written word. My first film M is for Mundane was an entrant in the ABC's of Death II open call where it succeeded in achieving a place in the top twenty out of the 200 submitted films. My second film, Penta showed around the world, winning multiple awards – including as the runner-up for Best New England film at Boston Underground Film Fest. And Cleaning House was a finalist in the 2017 iHorror Fear Awards.

So what's next? Taking my latest film, From Within, around to festivals; directing a feature film that focuses on the monsters that live within us all; and executive producing a web series of short films from early-career female directors.

Let's meet!

I'm always looking for more collaborators; drop me an email or reach out on social, and we can talk.